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Samedi, 16 Mai 2009 06:58

 vpipes - gaita électronique - uillean console

Hi Dieter and to all of you at

Many thanks for your kind e-mail to which I am happy to respond and, at the same time, update you as to the exciting situation we now have with the vPipes.

The project is going full steam ahead and after a tremendous amount of 'inspiration, perspiration and patience', we are now nearly at production stage and in conversations with manufacturing companies.

During the long and drawn out process of field tests (24 months) and design optimisation stage (5 months) without suffering any technical problems, we have included several improvements to the sound, software and hardware.

Having reached the stage that we have, over the next few weeks we will have a precise idea on when we shall be able to start production .  Once this date is fixed, we shall send out an e-mail explaining how to pre-order a vPipes.  They must be pre-ordered as we will not hold any in stock.

Although the special and limited launch price of 980Euros was set some time ago and components, as well as everything else, have increased tremendously over this time, we shall nevertheless honour this special launch price for a limited number of units only, thereafter it will go up to market price, as will be published shortly.

So, good news all around.

Thanks for all your patience, and I really believe that once you have a vPipes in your hands the pleasure of playing them will far outweigh the waiting time to date.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

By the way, visit our Myspace page at


The vPipes Project

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