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Mercredi, 16 Avril 2008 20:38
Message reçu le 16/04/08 10:37

Vpipes | GHB | Gaita électroniqueHi there Dieter

Thanks for getting in contact. Sorry about not answering your previous e-mail, it must have got lost among the many I receive each day although my target is always to respond within 24-48 hours.

In terms of the vPipes everything is running smoothly although, as you may imagine, frustratingly slower than we had originally expected.

We have no approximate date as the optimisation process is a bit of a bugger, is something that must be done to get decent end-results and involves processes out of our control.

One the uilleann version is launched weshall be in a position to thereafter launch the gaita and GHB versions.

But please bear with us. We are working hard to get things done expediently but without taking any shortcuts.

Nevertheless, at any significant milestone or confirmation of availability we will let you know, I'll make sure of it.

Sorry to be so vague but please feel free to contact us at any time.

Take care

Ramón M.Castro

The vPipes Project®

Tel: 00 34 626 767 255

vPipes® and The vPipes Project® are registered trademarks

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